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Newly Diagnosed – Seeking Advice

I was just diagnosed with psoriasis. I was so shocked I didn’t think to ask what kind. I’m 65 and have mild Crohn’s. I was told I am at risk. Skin problem started about 3 mo. ago with itching and redness in one hand. Then spread to both hands and my feet. Have itching, tenderness, scaling and thickening of skin. My skin feels thin in some places, especially on my hands. I do think I feel blisters under the skin but don’t see them.

Would appreciate any advice or info. Plan to read stories here and follow this site. Dermatologist has prescribed steroid cream and an ointment which helped some. She has also prescribed a med that I have not started. Not sure if it’s covered and Walgreens didn’t have any. Have a feeling this will be a struggle just like the Crohn’s was. Thanks for any advice.

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  • Jankin author
    3 days ago

    Thanks. I am working with insurance on an alternative med which would be cheaper than any other source. I’m familiar with that process due to having expensive Crohnes meds. Good suggestion to check out sites such as Mayo clinic. Will check into this. I see what you mean just Google. Thanks for suggestions.

  • DinaMay
    4 days ago

    Since you’re 65, you have Medicare, don’t you? There’s an app that shows what’s covered (more or less). Go to the App Store or Google Play and type what’s covered Medicare into the search box. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can check things out for yourself, tho’ the app is a bit hard to use.

    When you find a prescribed medication isn’t covered, whether by Medicare or private insurance, you can ask the pharmacist if the drug manufacturer has a discount program. Sometimes you can get a coupon that greatly reduces the price. There are apps to help find such coupons too, tho’ I can’t remember any names offhand. If there isn’t a coupon and the med isn’t covered, it’s worthwhile telling the doctor. He or she can usually prescribe something similar, maybe not quite as effective, but generic and thus cheaper.

    I’d also recommend going to a reputable medical website like the Mayo Clinic’s, where you can look up your condition and read about how it’s diagnosed, what kinds of treatments are out there, and sometimes an evaluation of non-pharmacological remedies. I don’t recommend a google search, though. There are oodles of snake oil salespeople out there who make grandiose claims for their version of magic beans and happily pocket your money without helping you.

    I wish you the best of luck on your coming journey toward wellness. Try not to think of it as a struggle but as an adventure. How can you outmaneuver the Psoriasis Beast?

  • Shayla.Oakes moderator
    1 week ago

    @jankin, sorry to hear about your new diagnosis. It sounds like you are on the right track being followed by Dermatology. I want to share this link that you may find helpful. It will give you some references on how to help with cost of medications. Also, I want to share some quick tips for itching. If you have Facebook, you should have follow PlaquePsoriasis. There are so many in the community that are going through this and have helpful tips and ideas. Best wishes, Shayla

  • Jankin author
    1 week ago

    Thanks. Any info. is helpful. Even in generics the medication prescribed, acitretin, lowest cost could find with discounts is over 200$. The compounded ointment my dermatologist prescribed is helping, just not sure the plaque psoriasis will clear. Started 3 mo. ago. In treatment first time 6 weeks ago. Dr. says could take months. I’m about 50% better. On my palms and soles. Again thanks as any info helps since this is my first time having this and I’m 65yrs old.

  • Shayla.Oakes moderator
    1 week ago

    @jankin, well we are definitely here for you. I hope that you find the right treatment and gives you complete relief.

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