It’s just a part of me

I’ve had psoriasis since I was 10. It was really bad all over my body and have tried all the treatments possible.

Psoriasis used to hurt my self-esteem

Kids used to make fun of me thinking it was contagious. I’m now 28, and although I don’t have it as bad as I used to- I still have plaque psoriasis in visible places. Both hands, wrists, ankles and now have developed inverse psoriasis on my underarms. Shaking people's hands a year ago used to freak me out. People used to always ask what happened to my wrist, was there an accident? (It’s discolored). I used to get so self-conscious because you can’t cover it up.

I now embrace my psoriasis

Now- I’ve learned it’s just a part of me. I itch it freely in public (because let's be honest who doesn’t itch it), and don’t try to cover it up anymore. Not caring and just being ok with it was the most uplifting thing I could have done for myself.

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