Got a Shot to Correct Something Else and My Plaque Psoriasis Went Away

Last updated: January 2017

I have had plaque psoriasis for 6 years on the bottom of my feet. My feet used to bleed and crack it got so bad, I had to get FMLA on some workdays because I could not walk. I went to numerous dermatologist's who used to give me all types of creams with no luck. I use a mechanical Ped egg to grind off all the dead tissue. I took a 3 month science study trying a new cream which only worked a little.

Then it happened. I bought a new pair of Sketcher walkers and I developed a bad staff infection on the top of my feet due to am allergic reaction. My PA at Fort Knox clinic gave me a 40mg shot of the steroid Kenalog. 5 days later I had no psoriasis on the bottom of my feet I jumped up and down for joy. But 4 months later it returned. I had moved to AZ and went to the new clinic and told my new PA there my story and she gave me a Kenolog 60 mg and said it should last about 5-6 months. Amen it worked 5 days later it was gone. 5 months later it returned on one foot, went and got a shot at 6 months and its gone again. I am not going to take the pills they all want you to take this is my fix and I am sticking with it

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