My battle

I have had psoriasis for 45 years. I got it when I was 13. I was healthy and a distance runner. Growing and my hip slipped out of place and followed by many surgeries. The stress from it led to psoriasis. One thing leads to another.

Trying different treatments

I have been on almost everything. Methotrexate damaged my liver. It put me on the liver transplant list and I don't drink. I started Skyrizi three weeks ago. I know it's early but have not noticed any improvement yet. I know my skin will never be completely clear but I just want it livable. Quality of life and peace of mind. To be able to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts something that everybody else takes for granted.

Crossing my fingers for skyrizi

The one thing that worked was the sun. I lived in a warm climate and tanning my skin was just dark and completely clear. I thought I found the answer. Because it worked maybe I overdone it. Then it broke down and just stayed red and blotchy. I am hoping Skyrizi works. Has anybody tried it?

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