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Staying Tough

My name is Savanna and I was diagnosed at 18. Fresh out of high school, starting college, and all of a sudden little spots started popping up all over me. I went to a walk-in clinic thinking I had chicken pox but it was, unfortunately...psoriasis. 9 years and 68636895 medications later and I am 60% covered in red, scaly spots. I get stares, questions, and rude comments almost daily. It used to hurt to have someone walk up to me in the store and ask if I was on meth. Now I just don't care. I wear shorts and bikinis in the summer. I wear black. I teach pre-k and my kids were very curious for the first 2 weeks and now they don't to seem to even notice. I have adopted the idea that God gave me psoriasis because he knew I was tough enough to handle it.

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