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Psoriatic arthritis

When I was first diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, I was prescribed the miracle drug, Humira. I noticed a remarkable positive change UNTIL, three months later my liver went bonkers and finally diagnosed with follicular lymphoma.

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Off I came and went on to methotrexate. I went into remission for six-years when lesions were noticed as a result of routine cancer follow up through a PET scan. The cause was methotrexate. For several months I was not on any medication, for either my psoriasis or arthritis. Finally, after the psoriasis was displayed “beautifully” on my body I got my dermatologist to react and now I am on Siliq and that has done wonders for the psoriasis-all clear.

BUT what it is doing to my innards only time will tell. My rheumatologist is afraid to put me on a regime for my arthritis but I am going to have to risk something if I am going to retard the progression of my arthritis.

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