Unknown for many years.

I am now 87 years of age and have recently been diagnosed with PsA. When I was 17-18 years old my face broke out and looked like a huge over-ripe strawberry.

My treatments

I treated it with everything I could find with no improvement. I even traveled 130 miles per month attending sessions with a well-known dermatologist who would pick the numerous pimples and apply a solution that burned like fire.

After graduating from high school I spent 33 years farming which evidently the sunshine helped. I thought my condition was cured but after about 20 years, I had a rash that encircled my waist which I treated with anti-itch cream.

The diagnosis

I had a serious fall which left me with, what I thought, was an injured spine. I attended a well-known back doctor that diagnosed me with PsA and advised me to see a dermatologist or a rheumatologist. I had a dermatologist who told me that they were unaware of my condition and told me to consult a rheumatologist. I have constantly kept up with my condition through this median which has provided me with much valuable information.

New support

I am still searching for a rheumatologist within a reasonable distance from my residence but at my age, I am thankful for the assistance that I have received from this website. I have many of the symptoms of PsA and it is quite challenging.

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