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What can I do?

I was diagnosed in 2015 when we moved in to our trailer. I have it on my elbows, legs, scalp and under my breast. It so hurts every where. I so hate it and at times I have wanted to end my life cause of the pains.

Trying treatments for psoriasis

I have tried so many creams and nothing at all helps it. I do think its in my water. My husband was in the hospital and almost died cause of this water he had c-diff. I do use baby oil but it's still there, it just makes it so it don't look bad. It don't matter what the weather is like as it never goes away. I have asked my doctor for some thing else and she wont do it. Just keeps telling me to use the creams I told her they are not working she only says I am sorry wow.

Considering a new doctor

I think it's about time for me to get a new dr. I think this water has nickle in it and I so cant have that in my body as i break out with nickle. I don't know for sure what this water has in it. But we so dont use it. But I have to use it to shower and wash clothes and dishes. So I so don't know what to do any more for this crap. It's very painful. I itch and itch and at times its all bloody. I just want to die. Wished I knew what to do but I don't any more.

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