X-Trac Laser Therapy Cleared My Psoriasis

I have a terrible time with psoriasis on my palms, fingers, and the soles of my feet. Fingertips, especially, will be perfectly fine in the morning, but by evening they will sometimes have as many as five deep fissures. I use a cane, and the lesions on the palms of my hands make using a cane extremely painful.

Nothing was working

I've tried just about every type of prescription steroid on the market, but none of them worked for more than a few weeks before I developed immunity to their therapeutic effects. I used to swaddle my feet and hands in ointment and bandaids, sometimes the flexible bandages, and that wasn't any more effective for relief from psoriasis. The dermatologist suggested I might be a candidate for light therapy and ordered a lightbox for me, but Medicare would only cover a portion of it, and frankly, my budget couldn't take the hit.

X-Trac laser therapy to the rescue

It seemed that all was lost until my dermatologist investigated laser therapy. Since her office didn't have the equipment, she referred me to another practice that did. In the beginning, I saw the technician who operated the laser three times a week. Each appointment only lasted five minutes, but the commute to and from the office was terribly time-consuming. In the beginning, I dreaded the drive; that is until I started to see visible results.

Psoriasis claring

Within two months I was seeing the technician only twice a week, and even then there was a dramatic improvement in my skin. Then she went on vacation for two weeks. A nurse filled in for her, but the results were not nearly as good, and my psoriasis started to spread again. With some trial and error, we reduced the visits to once a week, and after a full six months of treatment, my psoriasis was completely cleared.

New skin, new experiences

Now when it starts to return, I only need a few sessions, and poof, it disappears. With that experience behind me, I can confidently encourage those among us who have recalcitrant plaques to find a dermatologist that offers laser therapy. Insurance covers most of the cost. Miracles do happen.

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