Just Like the Rest of You, But…
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So like all of you, I have had psoriosis for years now. 32 to be exact.Like all of you I have tried every topical steroid, tar treatments, light treatments, etc. etc. that I’m sure all of you have. I have 85% coverage for years and have just suffered in silence especially through the cold Michigan winters. I moved to Florida 3 years ago thinking or hoping the sun and salt water full time would do the trick. It helped some but still my feet, knees elbows, ears and lower back were as active as ever. So about 4 months ago as my joints were aching I made an appointment with a rheumatologist who suggested a drug called Stelara. Injectable with side effect potential like all the others. I was just so desperate so I tried it and I can report for the 1st time since I was 18, I am plaque free. In 4 months I have no plaque psoriasis. It is the most amazing feeling. I do get some headaches for a couple days after the injection but to me its worth it. Injections are every 3 months after the initial trial dose. Its been so liberating….

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