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I had eczema a a child and into my early twenties. Once in a while there would be a small spot on me but nothing to get upset about.

I stopped taking hormones about eighteen months ago. A year ago I began breaking out in patches of psoriasis on my arms, my face, my legs, buttocks. I saw a dermatologist and was put on creams and ointments. Nothing worked. I spoke with several doctors and asked if it could be the hormones holding the psoriasis at bay. They disagreed. I saw my GYN a month ago and he agreed that the hormones had helped hold back the psoriasis and arthritis. I’m seeing a new doctor and he has put me on methotrexate. It’s helping but I’m losing hair and I have other annoying side effects. I recently had surgery on my left hand where they removed an arthritic bone and replaced it with a tendon from my arm. I don’t know how to handle all this and I am so glad to be in touch with others. Thank you!

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