A woman and a man explaining their experiences with psoriasis.

Psoriasis: How It Truly Feels

Living with psoriasis does not come without its physical challenges. Skin inflammation, plaque management and not to mention the flakes. These are all apparent and known symptoms that add to the challenges of the condition.

But how does psoriasis truly feel? How do we explain it to loved ones?

We asked the community to explain what psoriasis feels like to those who don't have it. We hope this video can validate some of your symptoms and experiences.

We hope this video brings understanding and awareness of how it truly feels to live with psoriasis. For when you're feeling defeated and discouraged, we invite you to share this video with loved ones and friends.

If you feel your symptom wasn't highlighted or want to describe your experience differently, please comment below. We promise, there are people who will be able to relate.

You're not alone in your psoriasis journey

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