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An NB person is standing with their arms folded across their chest. Contained in circles around them are the top 3 locations where people living with psoriasis say their plaques are.

A Look At The Reality of Psoriasis

The painful skin, cracking and bleeding, the side-eye looks, and oh yeah, the endless endless itch. This is only a glimpse of what psoriasis truly looks like.

So, how can we uncover the reality of psoriasis? In addition to engagement within our forums, stories, and comments, here at we also gain valued insight from our annual In America Survey, which surveys real people living with psoriasis.

It starts with asking the right questions

What areas of the body are impacted the most? Is painful skin a common symptom? Is remission even possible? We took results from our In America survey and are proud to answer these questions and more. Simply click play.


It is not all in your head

Psoriasis can take a significant emotional and physical toll in so many areas of our daily life. Here at, we are a community that offers a safe place for sharing, support, validation, and kindness.

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