From the Community: Top 5 Reasons for Clinical Trial Participation

Last updated: March 2019

Why are people with psoriasis interested in clinical trials?

We wanted to learn more about how the psoriasis community feels about clinical trials, so we took a look at the results of our 2017 Plaque Psoriasis In America Survey. Of the 1,016 people with psoriasis who completed our survey, 63% have an interest in participating in a clinical trial for psoriasis. Below are the top reasons why:

I might benefit from the treatment being studied

While clinical trials may involve some potential risks, they may also include great benefits. These potential benefits were community member’s top motivator for participation in a clinical trial. 70% of respondents who are interested in clinical trials cited potential benefits as one of the reasons for their interest. Whether these benefits include symptom relief, a more convenient treatment schedule, or the financial bonus of not paying for treatment - there’s quite a few benefits to be explored.

Others might benefit from the treatment being studied

Anyone living with psoriasis knows how this disease can turn your world upside down. Clinical trials being conducted today may be the key to unlocking tomorrow’s cure. Many people are willing to participate in order to prevent others from experiencing the same symptoms and distress they have. For others, the genetic component of psoriasis is motivation to participate. Since psoriasis can run in families, many people are willing to volunteer because the trial might benefit their children or family members. 56% of respondents cited helping others as motivation for participation in a clinical trial.

It might be the only way for me to access the treatment being studied

Many new psoriasis treatments may offer hope to those searching for a treatment that works for them. Clinical trials are one of the only ways to access new experimental treatments that are being studied. Other FDA-approved treatments may be out of reach for people due to cost or other access issues. 36% of respondents noted that access to treatments is a motivation for clinical trial participation.

I feel like the doctors would pay more attention to helping me treat my psoriasis

In some cases, people may not have access to a doctor who is an expert in treating psoriasis. Clinical trials are often led by research teams who are dedicated to finding new treatment options for specific conditions. For 27% of survey respondents, working with a healthcare team who is researching psoriasis and would be paying close attention to their disease is a reason to volunteer!

I can't afford treatment otherwise

There are many that feel that without clinical trials they would not be able to afford psoriasis treatments 26% of respondents feel that they wouldn't be able to get treatment without the ability to participate in clinical trials.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to find a treatment that works for them. Researchers continue to search for new treatment options to help people living with psoriasis live better lives. For 15% of respondents, clinical trials studying new treatments may be one of the only options they have not tried.

So, what do you think? What reasons would motivate you to participate in a clinical trial? Let us know!

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