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Do you live with any other conditions in addition to psoriasis?

Many people living with psoriasis also live with other health conditions. What other health conditions do you (or your loved one) live with? How has it been managing multiple conditions? Please share your experiences with others!

  1. , great question and I'm really interested to hear others' experiences with this! In the past (and hopefully it stays that way!) I've had adult acne - I had to go on Roaccutane/Accutane twice as an adult. I always wonder whether this has anything to do with my psoriasis, especially as they're both inflammatory conditions. This was a little tricky as the acne treatment seemed to aggravate my psoriasis and also made my joints more achy.

    Currently, I have psoriasis, which I've had for more or less my whole life. I also have psoriatic arthritis which appeared in my early twenties and was initially misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. Last summer, I was diagnosed with type 1/autoimmune diabetes. They aren't wrong when they say autoimmune diseases like to attract one another ! I also have slightly high cholesterol which may or may not be hereditary (one of my parents has familial hypercholesterolemia).

    Managing multiple health conditions does get very wearing sometimes - dealing with all sorts of symptoms, taking multiple different medications and trying remember when to take what (and if I've actually taken it!). The psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis were plenty to be coping with, and then the diabetes showed up. That especially is quite challenging as I have to inject myself (and do the maths to work out how much insulin I need) anytime I want to eat. I mostly manage okay, but I definitely feel like I'm at my limit with what I can cope with. Let's hope my immune system doesn't have any more surprises for me 😬 Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. I recently was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis. I also have asthma which is well controlled on daily inhalers, fatty liver, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, eczema, high blood pressure and hypothyroid. I suspect many of the conditions are related to metabolic disorder and that something autoimmune is going on too. I am fatigued and sore all the time which is not normal for me but doctors think I am just being whiny. I have lost weight which should help but while overweight, never was that huge to start. I had the plaque psoriasis going on for at least 3 years before it was diagnosed.

      1. I am very new to this diagnosis even though it has been going on since the pandemic started. Just learning how to navigate it and working with my provider. Since it is getting worse, not better on ointments I am sure I will move up in how it is treated. I am also dealing with random pain in my knee and my back and hip which I think is related to when my psoriasis flares-up. Hopefully by working with my provider we can figure this out and I can have appropriate referrals to a rheumatologist if necessary. I have had x-rays in the past that showed arthritis in my fingers and shoulder so it obviously might be osteoarthritis and not psoriatic arthritis. I think this will be a long and frustrating process of trying to find a treatment that works. My psoriasis is contained to only my hands but it looks and feels absolutely awful, like I am rejecting my skin.

      2. Hi , lovely to hear back from you, although I am sorry to hear that your psoriasis is continuing to get worse, despite the topicals. I do hope that your dermatologist has some other suggestions for you. I think when we spoke in June you were due to see them again in six weeks - have you had your appointment yet? I can't do the maths of whether six weeks has passed yet or not 😅 I think mentioning the joint pain (and fatigue) to your dermatologist is a good idea. Also, if you aren't already, keep an eye on your nails - nail changes are a risk factor for psoriatic arthritis (although it is possible to "just" have nail psoriasis). I really hope that you can find a treatment that helps sooner rather than later. It's so hard when the hands are affected. Sending hugs! -Catherine, Community Moderator

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