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Finally some relief with over the counter items.

My scalp is my biggest issue. The itching and scratching was very embarrassing. I started using Head & Shoulders Clinical strength and a stiff scalp brush that eliminated most of the plaque. I then use Scalpicin which is a liquid Hydrocortizone and am able to go 2-3 days nearly symptom free. I notice that when I eat Cilantro that the symptoms subside as well. Thanks.

  1. Hi christy!

    Thanks so much for sharing this information with us. Scalp psoriasis can be so stubborn, I am so pleased to read that this regimen is making a difference for you! Please keep us updated on this and wishing you the very best.

    - CathyD

    1. I need help
      With this also tried
      Everything my scalp is very bad this last week, I eat lots of greens and coconut oil, few nuts, no grain, dairy I only use gass fed butter, no gluten breads, no rice!! Just don't know what to do anymore!!

      1. Am new to this situation, the itching is mainly in my arms and scalp specially in the middle of the night. No scales. Or bleeding. Is it contagious

      2. Hey , thanks for reaching out. Sorry to read about your symptoms - itching can be extremely irritating. If you're interested, this article looks at some suggestions for finding relief: With regards to your question, psoriasis is not contagious. Have you been able to see a dermatologist about your symptoms? -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. I've had scalp psoriasis for 10 years and nothing I tried could manage to relieve it till I found one shampoo on the Internet. It's called Psoeasy and manufactured by some Israel company. The product is allegedly based on natural ingredients provides its efficacy. Each treatment for scalp psoriasis is very individual which means no one guarantees this shampoo You should try this shampoo and not think about the price - it's worth it.

      1. I share my scalp psoriasis sufferings with my family and boyfriend, it's only them I can be open about my both physical and mental pain with. This assissts them in helping me find best psoriasis scalp treatment and I'm endlessly grateful to them for the support they give and especially to my mom who found this shampoo on the Internet that made my living with psoriasis far easier

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