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How does management for psoriasis change with the seasons?

Psoriasis is often affected by our environment. Our skin often changes with the changing seasons. There are so many ways that it can change, but we want to know how it changes for you.

Does clothing make the difference?

Does skin care change?

What about medication habits changing?

This is your space to share what affects your psoriasis most as seasons change.

  1. There are times I am grateful for the cooler weather, I get to cover the most scaley joints with long sleeves, socks and slacks. Hats, scarves & other items give me the ability to be less self conscious & vulnerable.

    1. Hello , I like cooler weather too. Hot weather makes me itch like crazy. I get the covering-up part. I was doing it for years.

      Here's an article you can check out.
      Thanks for sharing. Do you take any kind of treatment for your psoriasis?

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