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Get rid of dead skin with works!

I have been hit with this skin problem. One thing I have found that helps me better than most is what I call my "grinder". I started using "Personal Pedi" to "grind" my skin and causing the flakes of dead skin to be ground up in a powder form. This "Personal Pedi" is actually used to "grind" or file down callous on your feet. It actually makes the skin feel clean and removes tons of dead skin. My skin has started healing very well. If you have itching in one place, just use this and it removes the dead skin and gets rid of the itch. "Personal Pedi" is a hand held with a roller that rolls over the skin without hurting the skin. They have been advertised on TV for using on your feet to remove callous. Walmart carries it as does Walgreens. The Personal Pedi costs me $12.95 to $19.95. It runs on two AA batteries, which I replace quite often to keep the speed of the roller up. There is another brand called "Pedi Perfect" by Amope, Don't buy it, it costs about $50.00 and does not do as well as the "Personal Pedi" You can also find it on Amazon. Please try it, I promise it will help when you need to get rid of that dead skin. I use mine every day. I will not go anywhere with out it. Hope this helps to give you some information.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, mistie333! It's great to read that you've found something that brings relief for you. I bet your skin feels super soft now too!!

    1. Thanks for responding to my comments. Yes, my skin feels much softer and smooth - plus I don't have that terrible itch like I did before. I am glad we have this to keep in touch with others who suffer with this. I have spent thousands on medicine and Doctor bills - - so it would help to give my information to others and hopefully save them some money.

      1. Skin problems are very common nowadays. There are various ways to remove the dead cells like ex foliating using scrub is a good way, where granules in the scrub will open the skin pores and help make the skin smooth and clean. Deep facial peels are also a popular and effective way to remove the dead skin cells in a healthy manner. This will also help to reduce the anti aging problems like wrinkles and pigmentation.

        1. I was using the ped egg for this. It works but is a little harsh. I will try the personal pedi. Sounds like it would be more gentle with it's removal. Do you do anything to prepare your skin first?

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