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Comorbidities with Psoriasis

Comorbidity is the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient.

Common psoriasis comorbidities: Psoriatic arthritis, Depression, Crohn's disease, Fatty liver, Lymphoma, Obesity, Uveitis. (Oliveira 2015)

This is a space to share your experiences with psoriasis comorbidities and ask questions to the community about this topic. Below are some resources to read more on the connections between psoriasis and common comorbidities.


Oliveira Mde F, Rocha Bde O, Duarte GV. Psoriasis: classical and emerging comorbidities. An Bras Dermatol. 2015;90(1):9-20. doi:10.1590/abd1806-4841.20153038

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Line graph, disease progression, increase in disease activity, data points.

  1. Yes! I live with axial spondyloarthritis/ankylosing spondylitis. In fact, this came first — PsO came later, although I am not entirely convinced it's not also Psoriatic Arthritis, as smaller joints can hurt sometimes. IBS as well. Thank you for opening up the convo! Anyone else?

    1. Vickie, how do you manage your IBS? What triggers it and helps it?

    2. just now seeing this. I am on medication to control it. I would have to say because I live in Louisiana eating foods that are really spicy can really get the IBS going in the wrong direction. Vickie, Team Member

  2. I read an article last year (and of course, now I can't find it) stating that there's been a link discovered between psoriasis and high cholesterol. This was interesting to me because I'm the only one of my siblings with cholesterol issues (also the only one with psoriasis) and neither of my parents have either psoriatic disease or high cholesterol. I also don't fit the high cholesterol "profile" in that I've never had weight issues or eaten a terribly unhealthy diet. In fact, when I have tried to control it with diet, my levels sky-rocketed. It's currently controlled with meds and it no longer fluctuates, regardless of what I eat. All of which lends credence, at least to me, that maybe cholesterol IS at least impacted by psoriatic disease.
    I'd be curious to know if others with psoriatic disease also have high cholesterol.

    1. Very helpful! Thank you! Since writing that post earlier this morning, I went on a hunt and found a couple articles in medical journals that corroborate this.
      Wouldn't it be wonderful if this link led to a cure?

    2. Hi @Amy68, I am so glad the article was helpful! I think it is great that you are advocating and researching for yourself. Information is so powerful and can only help move us in the right direction! Thanks for sharing. Jill, team member

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