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Can anyone recommend OTC products for psoriasis on the face?

Hello! I woke up this lovely morning to a patch of psoriasis smack dab between my eyes. I have Fluocinonide, but my Dr told me not to use it on my face 🙁 Sooooo, anyone have any good recommendations for OTC meds to try on my face? Until then, I'll just have to walk around looking like I have a weird 3rd eye. Lol.
Thanks, LeanneD

  1. , boooo for psoriasis on the face! I'm not sure it's recommended, but when I get bad patches on my face I use my shampoos on them (like my coal tar shampoos, T-gel and Denorex). Also, sunshine!
    I've got a big ole patch underneath my left eye at the moment (and in my eyebrows. Always in my eyebrows, lol)
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. Hi LeanneD,

      I like to use almond oil on my face - it seems to really soothe it and take the flakes away. I have also heard a number of people say that they find Protopic helpful for facial psoriasis. We have some more info on this here:

      Hope things calm down for you soon!! <3
      - Catherine, Community Moderator

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