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Psoriasis And Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season is upon us, and it is killing me this year. I don't remember allergy season bothering me like this. I'm starting to flare some. I called my dermatologist who told me that having PsO and allergies are caused by immune system irregularities that can make our skin flare.

Is anyone else having issues with allergies this year? Is there anything else weather-wise that causes you to flare? I sure would like to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

  1. This is going to be my first official summer in Texas and 'm excited and nervous for it at the same time. I'm hopeful for the best and preparing for the worst as I've heard so many things about Texas heat. -Latoya (Team Member)

    1. I hope you are prepared for the heat. I live just across the Texas line in Louisiana. We get the same weather Texas does. The heat in the summer can be brutal. When it gets really hot my trick is to go outside early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Otherwise, I am in the house with my air conditioner running. Wish we still had the option to send private messages. I would love to ask where in Texas you are, but I wouldn't ask on a forum chat. Vickie W., Team Member

  2. Hello , I have in-laws in Texas. When my husband and I married 27 years ago, we drove there. It took us 24 hours. What were we thinking? I loved the hot weather myself. I'm trying to get my husband to go to Florida. I have a sister there, but she said they get cold weather there too. Good luck in Texas. Diane (Team Member)

    1. And to think I had to nerves to complain when it took me 18 hours to get here from Wisconsin (haha) It can certainly get "chilly" here but cold is definitely subjective on what you declare cold to be. And as I have experienced, Texas has not out done Wisconsin with the cold weather (lol)

    2. Hello , Over 27 years ago I had never been on a plane. I lived in the state of Maryland and my husband is from Louisiana. We drove down there 2 times. It was an 18-hour trip. My husband who was my boyfriend at the time, just came and looked at me and said - you going to be missing out on a lot of trips not getting on a plane. We have never driven to New Orleans again. Diane (Team Member)

      I love flying now!!!

  3. Here is an article that I found on seasonal allergies. A very good read.

    Diane (Team Member)

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