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What are good gifts for someone with psoriasis?

Holidays, birthdays, celebrations; gift giving is a custom in many communities and we always want the gift to be received well.

What are good gifts for people with psoriasis?

What are some gifts that should be avoided?

  1. , this is a great topic! I'll have to think about what would be a good gift, but I'd definitely say AVOID scented moisturisers and body lotions, unless you know that the person uses/wants them. I couldn't tell you the number of scented toiletries that I've received and not been able to use over the years. One good thing about that is I donate them to local charity shops, so they're not being wasted. I would also avoid getting anything like a spa/massage/manicure voucher, again, unless you know that this is something that the person would want. Lots of people don't realise that we can get quite self-conscious about our skin and nails, and what may be pampering for one person might be anxiety-inducing for the next!

    Very interested to hear others' suggestions here. I could do with some ideas to put on my Christmas list! 😅 -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. I got lots of creams, lotions, and stuff I don't use. I volunteer at a homeless shelter, so I give them all the goodies I don't use. My husband brought me a new microwave - just like a man right? He should have brought me a Fitbit. Do you want to trade ?

    2. , that reminds me of the times that my dad bought my mum a vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher 😅 I know what you mean about getting stuff you don't use. I'm glad you can donate them to the homeless shelter. My family and I write Christmas lists now (yes, as grown adults!) so usually we mostly get what we want. But the occasional unsuitable lotion or shower gel does creep in occasionally! -Catherine, Community Moderator

  2. Seeing as it is winter and we are down in the 30s at night an electric blanket would be a perfect gift for me. It's like having a big heating pad around your whole body. Vickie W., Team Member

    1. careful. I’ve had trouble with the wires in the blankets giving me burns. At first we couldn’t figure out what I was reacting to - but the two burnlines from breasts to stomach matched up perfectly. This was when I was first married. Long time ago - but I still don’t use them.

  3. This is one of my favorite things to talk about. Here are some ideas that I have, these are person-dependent as not everyone likes the same things.

    New handbag/wallet/purse
    Candles and beautiful lights for the home
    Notebooks and beautiful stationery
    Heated blankets/bean bags and the like
    Cooling pads and fancy water bottles
    Reading books, or vouchers for a bookshop
    Docking station for the bedside table, for specs phone etc

    Tickets to the theatre/movies/performance
    Snack basket hamper (considering food limitations)
    Tickets to a class to learn about something, like cake decorating

    I so enjoy gifting for all occasions.
    - Clair ( Team Member)

    1. Hello , Dang, I wish I had seen this list before. It is perfect. I would have shared it. So many great things on there.

    2. Hello , I like the list too. There are things on there that we can get all year round for people. My favorite was the candles. Is there anything that stuck out for you? Diane (Team Member)

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