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Which parts of psoriasis so you find the most challenging?

Over my morning cup of coffee which I thoroughly enjoy and often overestimate its ability to wake me up, I was wondering which parts of your psoriasis you find most challenging?

For me, it is certainly the pain levels in flare and then fatigue is a close second. Over the years I have made peace with so many other aspects.

  1. I love my morning coffee as well. For me the most challenging part of psoriasis is wanting to be 100% clear yet in all of my 20 years of having psoriasis I have not been. Not even once. That is hard to swallow when I know others that have been. Vickie W., Team Member

    1. Hello , I understand your pain. I'm with you; after 60 years I have never ever been 100% clear. I thought this new biologic would do the trick, but not yet. Both my legs are covered and it's in my scalp. Trust me, I'm not complaining. 4 months ago I was over 80% covered and could barely walk. Gurl, we going to get clear together. Diane (Team Member)

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