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5 Years Together: Still Strong, Pso Strong

The internet is fueling people’s ability to connect with each other, trade ideas, and solve problems. For the past 5 years, this has been just our goal here at PlaquePsoriasis.com - an online community of brave patient stories, connections, and specialized resources for those who live with this chronic condition.

And really, we're just the catalyst here. It is the courage and shared experiences of those living daily with psoriasis that elevate this community and seamlessly provide meaningful recognition, respect, and support to those who need it.

What we've been able to accomplish over the past 5 years

We've done a little research of our own and would like to share what the PlaquePsoriasis.com community has been interested in these past 5 years. Let's take a look.

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From 2016-2017: Our top viewed articles for the year included insight into cheap over the counter remedies and an overview of the health conditions linked to psoriasis.

Moving in to 2017-2018: Articles about the areas of the body most commonly affected by psoriasis and the impact of kombucha took the lead.

What about 2018-2019? Our community seemed to be most interested in how to remove psoriasis scales and looking out for that new psoriasis flare.

A quick look at 2019-2020: Those with psoriasis were looking at their own habits and the impact of vitamin D.

We're getting more specific in 2020-2021: Our community is diving in to the different types and symptoms of psoriasis including inverse psoriasis and nail psoriais.

Taking action througout the years

Since the beginning, our priority has been to raise psoriasis awareness and provide a supportive community. Recognizing our first awareness month in 2016, we were just getting started! We asked community members to simply change their social media avatars and participate in our forums! My, how much we've grown since then!

Fast forward five years later, we're recognizing Psoriasis Action Month with even more initiatives and opportunities for advocacy. We're encouraging those who live with psoriasis or have loved ones who live with psoriasis to share articles, join our advocacy discussions, learn about specific symptoms and share their own stories. We've also put together a summer skin giveaway to engage and thank our community members.

Here are 5 ways to get involved

We've seen it first hand, even the smallest amount of advocacy could make a difference. Whether you're completely new to Plaquepsoriasis.com, a frequent visitor, or coming back from a hiatus, we've grown so much throughout the past 5 years and have made updates and changes to better serve this growing community that is going through so much.

We encourage you to get to know our advocates and create a profile. If you're looking for ways to get started, go ahead and let the 5 items below help you get the ball rolling.

  1. Create an account on PlaquePsoriasis.com
  2. Share your story
  3. Participate in our forums
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  5. Sign up for our newsletter

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Thank you!

We would not have gotten this far or made this large of an impact without you. That's right you. You've signed up for our newsletters, you've shared your story, created profiles, and participated in our forums. In addition to looking for your own support or resources, you've provided it.

Psoriasis is not an easy condition to manage or live with, we certainly know that. By asking questions, providing answers, sharing experiences, you have allowed others living with psoriasis to feel less alone. You have made our community exactly what it is - for that, we're grateful.

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