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Scrub a Dub: Psoriasis Shower Routines

There’s no such thing as a “quick shower” when you have psoriasis! If you struggle with psoriasis, there’s a good chance that bathing is not an easy experience.

Helpful tips for showering with psoriasis

Gone are the days of taking a “quick shower,” and I cannot fathom ever showering at the gym (think of all the products I would need to bring with me!). I’ve never been considered high maintenance, but you wouldn’t know it given how particular I am when it comes to my tub routine.


Towels and shower mats

My towels are always cotton and I have to swap them out frequently because musty towels can pass on infections, and we psoriasis folk are already at increased risk for that. '

I also prefer big fluffy towels that won’t irritate my skin (at least, this is what I tell my Husband while shopping in fancy bath departments). I’m also a big proponent of using shower mats that provide good traction. Taking a bath/shower with any coconut oil or essential oil product can lead to a slippery situation, so best to be careful.

Products to use in the shower

Some people don’t pack shampoo/soap when traveling because they survive off the tiny bottles given out at the hotel. I am not one of these people.

I have a special sulfate-free shampoo so my scalp doesn’t get irritated, my coal tar shampoo with menthol to keep my scalp psoriasis at bay, and scent-free coconut oil body wash that doesn’t irritate my skin.

I may also have one of my ever-rotating prescription shampoos. This is a far cry from the generic soap my Husband uses for everything.

Products to use after the shower

Oh bliss, the water is off, it must be over, right? Ah no. Now comes the barrage of lotions and oils to keep me from flaking like a snow globe all day.

I first do an entire application of coconut oil, and then I use my favorite body butter that I buy in 2L tubs off the internet (yes, you read that correctly).

I find that this is the absolute best way to lock in moisture for my skin, and it keeps it mostly soft and hydrated for the whole day. This is not a quick procedure though…


The length of a shower with pso

Oh yes, it takes forever. Just my coal tar application alone takes 10 minutes (apply to scalp… wait for 8 minutes… stumble blindly around if god forbid it ever gets into your eyes).

So yes, I’m in the shower for an inordinate amount of time. The shower temperature also has to be just right. While I used to love hot showers, hot water is very drying to the skin, and I don’t need any more of that in my life.

Throw in any type of shaving and I basically need to take a half day off work (a quarter for the shower and a quarter for the trip to the ER to get a blood transfusion).


What about you? How long does your shower/bath routine take? Leave a comment and let us know!

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