I'm High Maintenance

Last updated: June 2018

I’ve had psoriasis for over 50 years and psoriatic arthritis for 25 years. During my years of living, I have run across many types of people. We have low maintenance people, and we high maintenance people. I can say I’ve always tried to maintain a low maintenance lifestyle. Let me tell you what I mean. I keep a very basic hairstyle, very basic clothes, just an all-around low key life.

I guess you’re thinking as you're reading this story, what does this have to do with psoriasis? Let me tell you. I had no idea that I live every day of my life with a high maintenance disease. It’s very hard to maintain and needs daily maintenance. If I didn’t take care of my skin, it would not be a pretty picture.

Psoriasis is high maintenance

Without the proper maintenance, I would not be able to stand myself. I would be in a lot of pain. It cost to maintain psoriasis! This is not a low maintenance disease. We have biologics which some of us have decided to take. I know for those who share this disease with me know it’s expensive to maintain. I would say for the duration of the 50 plus years I’ve had psoriasis I’ve spent so much money on creams, lotions, shampoos, medications, light treatment, doctor visits, hospital stays, and soaps.

I just can’t walk in the store and purchase any product that’s on sale that week. I must buy what will help to remove my psoriasis scales and stop the itch. I purchase what is good for my skin. If I could get back every dollar I’ve spent on these products I’ve used over the last 50 years I would be a very wealthy person.

Maintaining treatment

I can’t just focus on the physical aspects of having this disease. I must stare my psoriasis straight in the face and give it the high maintenance treatment that it deserves. When I found out that I had psoriatic arthritis I decided to invest in a treadmill to help me on this journey.
I try to keep up an exercise routine. This is also high maintenance.

Psoriasis is a part of me and a part of my world. I can’t close my eyes and just pick out a dress or throw on some fancy heels to wear for the day. I have to make sure I’m not flaring real bad that day. I can’t just walk into a beauty salon or nail salon. I have to plan these things out; let people know I have psoriasis and it’s not contagious.

Sometimes I find myself thinking psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis have intruded into my life and just taken over. I have a high flaunting disease that lets me know it’s not going anywhere. What can I do? I must accept the fact that I put out a lot for this chronic disease. If you don’t think psoriasis has to be very well maintained, let a pain hit you and you’re not maintaining it. It will let you know it requires maintaining. I truly happy that at the end of the day I’m high maintenance (inside and out).

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