Psoriasis Sufferer, You Are Never Alone

Last updated: March 2021

Being diagnosed with psoriasis can be such a life-changing event. When I was first diagnosed, I went through so many emotions. It was really hard because I had no one I could talk to. Feeling alone was an understatement.

It wasn't until I met other people with the condition that I started to feel more hopeful.

Facing feelings of loneliness

What if I told you an estimated 7 million people in the United States have psoriasis? Would that matter to you? Would that help you mentally?

There are some individuals living with the condition that have found hope and strive to help people feel that they matter. However, I know that there are still plenty of us that still struggle and face feelings of loneliness.

Support is out there

There are groups on social media that you can join. To name one, Health Union. This is the company that is putting this very article out. Health Union has two amazing social platforms on Facebook. One is for and the other is These two sites are also on Instagram.

I also encourage you to seek out the National Psoriasis Foundation. Both are trusted sites where you can find a lot of support, guidance, and validation. You can read articles by others living with the condition, you can read comments and remarks by individuals who are going through the exact same thing you are.

You truly find you are not alone. There are also several other groups that you can find on social media as well.

Need something more?

Are you looking for additional support? Do you need someone you can talk to individually? There is a program for that. The National Psoriasis Foundation has a program called One to One.

You can choose a mentor who has plenty of experience dealing with psoriasis. They can offer you support and someone to talk to when you need it. See You Are Never Alone. The only thing they can not do is give you medical advice.

The power in community

If you do not have a family to talk to or simply feel alone, hear me out, you are not. I promise, there are people you can talk to. If you are feeling alone, reach out. No one should feel that way ever.

Let me tell you what the power of community is capable of. Being a part of this community, I have made so many friends over the years, who also live with psoriasis. When a recent hurricane came through our area, so many of my psoriasis friends continuously checked on me all through the day.

You will never imagine how that made me feel. It reassured me that when it comes to living and dealing with psoriasis I am not alone.

Find a community for you.

Please get involved in finding the support groups, mentor programs, or events that are psoriasis-related. Right now, with all this virus stuff going on there are plenty of online programs going on.

I always strive to tell those living with psoriasis to become involved with your treatment. Well, the same is true in becoming involved in a psoriasis community.

No one deserves to feel like they are all alone all of the time. We here at Health Union, strive to be there for each of you as much as we can. In doing so, we strive to make sure you feel less alone.

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