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Raising Awareness One Skincare Routine At A Time!

It's August, which means it's Psoriasis Awareness Month. Psoriasis is a visible condition with visible symptoms. These visible symptoms bring on rude comments, unwanted questions, and a whole lot of stigma. Why would we want to bring even more awareness to this unwanted and unwarranted condition?

Well, contrary to popular belief among those with this painful disease, psoriasis doesn't control our lives. We do. By raising awareness about the reality of this chronic condition, we take back control and begin to feel more secure in the plaques we didn't ask for.

Psoriasis and skincare routines

Okay, so we're committed to raising awareness. Where do we even start? There are so many different topics to highlight - treatment, mental health, progression, and physical symptoms. How about we start with what everyone seems to want to talk about? You know, our skin.

And psoriasis management takes up a lot of our time. What is the biggest time suck? Finding a skincare routine and sticking with it, and praying nothing changes. Spoiler: it definitely does.

Skincare routines are different for everyone

Skincare routines - love them or hate them - can be difficult to stick to but so important in psoriasis management. Why? Keeping skin moisturizing and taken care of is such a monumental task in overall comfort, avoiding triggers, and eliminating pain.

Another truly glorious part of skin care routines is that everyone's skin is different! What works for one person definitely won't work for another, so please, I'm glad it worked for your uncle's hairdresser's dog walker, but it doesn't mean it's going to work for me.

Skincare routine basics

Can anything really be basic and simple when it comes to psoriasis skincare? Maybe not. Let's break it down. The three important things to consider with skin care are cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen.

Cleansers for those living with psoriasis should be free of harsh alcohols or fragrances and as moisturizing as possible. The same logic should be applied to your lotions and sunscreen. Use warm water when showering or cleansing, and try to complete your routine after showering, locking in all that extra moisture.

Your routines can take place in the morning and at night. And depending on your comfort level and access - throughout the day as needed. Moisturized skin is happy skin - and that is especially true when you live with psoriasis. Never feel guilty or feel you need to rush your routine. This is a part of your lifestyle, and it's important.

Crafting a skincare routine that works for you

Remember that it’s okay to continuously try new things that work for you and your body. The perfect routine does not happen overnight, so make a list of the activities that help you and write notes for what’s working and what’s not. A tracker will help you set goals and accomplish them.

Research shows that 43% of what we do every day is performed out of habit1. So how do you make physical activity a part of your daily life—better yet, a part of your routine? Some people suggest that it can take anywhere between 21 to 30 days to form a habit. Stick it out, and remember the goal is prioritizing your health and eliminating your physical and emotional pain.

It's also important to remember that as the seasons change, so does your skin. And as your body ages, so does your skin. It's the body's largest organ, and despite how sometimes you may feel about it, it will always be yours. Remaining diligent with a touch of patience and self-compassion can go a long way.

What do those with psoriasis have to say?

We have a community right here at that not only understands what life looks like with this irritating condition but has shared their own approaches to skin care. Like, what happens if we procrastinate moisturizing? Clair answers that one.

Howard breaks down the physical pain of psoriasis and why it isn't always easy to take care of his skin.

We're so much more than our skin

So there you have it. One big part of psoriasis management has been summarized, shared, and hopefully helpful. While a skincare routine is a part of self-care for many people, for those with psoriasis, it's imperative. It helps manage life with this chronic condition a little bit easier.

It's significant and more than just a simple product routine you can pick up at your local beauty store. It's one small part of psoriasis management that people should be more aware of - and what better time than during Psoriasis Awareness Month.

Only if you're comfortable and willing, start by sharing something small about how psoriasis impacts your life or even what you're able to accomplish despite living with psoriasis. After all, we're so much more than our skin.

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