A bottle of moisturizer with cobwebs and dust on it.

Moisturization Procrastination Station

I do this to myself time and time again. In fact, I do this to myself multiple times per year. One would think that I am fully aware of the fact that I cannot simply skip a moisturizing session. Yet here we are, my skin is cracked and painful.

Having skipped not just one but multiple sessions. My consistency is really down at the moment. And as we all know consistency is key.

The effects of not moisturizing daily

Now I am not sure if my lack of consistency is due to the fact that I have just come out of summer remission and my brain is lazy. The ramifications of not moisturizing have been horrid. Yet it would seem it is not enough to motivate me every day.

Here is what my body is currently going through based on my lack of daily moisturizing.

Cracking and bleeding: My skin cracks so quickly, leaving it open to bleed, generally on my bedding or clean work clothes. This also makes my skin pretty susceptible to infections.

Tight and uncomfortable: Dead skin scales do not seem to shed as easily as they should. Leaving the skin feeling really tight and uncomfortable. But is this enough?

The massive itch arises: The drier my skin is, the more it itches, honestly I used to think this was a myth in my head. Turns out though, it is not.

No more procrastinating

Once I have skipped one session, it seems to spiral down and I just let it all go. My amazing skincare routine all gone. I can generally only let this go on for a few days and by then, my pain levels are ridiculous. I soon start to reprimand myself in a very stern voice.

To get back into a routine, I offer myself a nice shower or bath. I generally make this one a hot shower despite my better judgment. There is just something about the hot water raining down on the painful skin that I enjoy. I exfoliate gently and make sure that I am nice and clean.

If I could, I would lay down in a bath of moisturizer and allow my body to soak it all in. Alas, that is not an option. So I apply one layer and then I wait about 20 minutes and just before I crawl into bed and I go sleep. If I don’t, I am impatient and pick my skin raw.

Undoing the damage

When I wake up though, they are ready. I slowly lift all the dead scales that are read to off, off my skin. This is the only way I have found to undo some of the damage caused.

From there on out, I tend to stick to my routine very well for some time again before I make this mistake again. Guaranteed though I will make it again.

What are your tips for sticking to a moisturizing routine?

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