A woman with relaxing with her arms behind her head. She has a look of bliss on her face because she's in summertime remission.

Summer Remission

Spring, brings the first signs of hope, and new life being breathed into the winter hibernation. Bright new green leaves start popping out on the trees, birds start chirping and babies are born.

Spring also marks the beginning of the journey to summer remission for me. A very exciting time of year for me, pain levels come down and I get to use all the wonderful bath products I have stored from winter.

Making the best of summer remission

Before I have even been out in the sun, my skin starts to get better, I am yet to figure this sorcery out. There is no specific time, and I can almost tell you that I feel it in the air when it starts changing. Things simply feel different. While the path to remission slows and the destination is temporary, I have learned to make the best of it.

Extra moisturizing in the summer

Other than sunny disposition, there are few things I cannot get through summer without. Extra moisturizing. Even though I go into remission for 3-4 months, I need to be super careful. Keeping hydrated and keeping my skin moisturized is a top priority for me. 

I keep a moisturizer in my bag, on my desk, one next to my bed, and then the usual bathroom stash. I apply generously. Particularly after a shower or after having been in the sun.

The benefits of sunscreen

Do you guys remember that sunscreen song, by Baz Luhrmann? Whenever I apply sunscreen, I sing parts of it in my head. At the end he says, but trust me on the sunscreen, honestly some sage advice. The benefits of sunscreen are unmatched for me.

We need to be careful to protect our skin while getting it out there in the sunshine for some healing rays. I live in Africa, and let me tell you the sun here is no joke. It will quickly turn your skin to toast and you will be in agonizing pain for days. If you are not careful, you land up in the hospital too.

Skin cancer is a real threat and needs to be taken seriously. My favorite at the moment is moo-goo, as it is super friendly to my skin and works well.

Take it easy and stick to a routine in remission

Summer remission is wonderful and I am deeply grateful every single year when it comes round. One year I just let loose and let my routine go. I basically ignored my skin. I used whatever products I felt like. Eating whatever I wanted, sometimes for days on end, no normal moisturizer would touch my skin.

My advice is to not do this. Your skin will pitch a total fit. And I mean a fit like a 3-year-old who got the wrong color juice cup tantrum levels. Being in remission does not mean that you can just ignore your care routine. You still need to look after yourself, eat well, and moisturize your skin.

Enjoying summer remission

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of summer remission, soak it in and enjoy the coming months of warmer weather and longer days. Take extra good care to stay hydrated, keep your skin moisturized, and get up early to watch the sunrise and listen to the birds.

There is so much in this life to be appreciated. Also do not be afraid to get your skin out. Allow the rays of the sun to touch your skin, ignore any rude humans who stare, even better, smile and wave.

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