Psoriasis Bathtime Routines

Last updated: October 2019

“Splish Splash, I was taking a bath” is always the tune I find myself humming or singing when I think about bath time. In my most humble opinion bath time is one of life’s greatest privileges and one I never take for granted. The winter months particularly bring this feeling to the surface for me. Being so deeply aware of the people who are less fortunate than we are. I get to come home to my apartment, have a hot shower or bath and wash the day’s worries down the drain. A simple thing denied to many, the best part is that I can provide my daughter with the same. This being said, psoriasis brings a host of new challenges when it comes to this luxurious time of day.

The benefits of using epsom salt in the bath

Epsom salts are well known for the many healing and helpful properties they bring to the table. In our homes and in our bath products, I was surprised at all its versatility. In an average size tub, when letting the hot water in I like to pour about two to three cups of Epsom salt into the water. This helps lift dead skin off the plaques and best of all it helps soothe the itch. Last but certainly not least, it is fabulous for aching bones. When your body is sore and tired, soak your pain into submission with a long warm (not hot) bath. 

Soak your troubles away

If your skin tolerates it you could add two to three drops of essential oils into the bath. I cannot use many as my skin is super sensitive. I do find that rosemary, lavender and some lemongrass can be tolerated from time to time. The salt could possibly dry your skin out a little, so be sure to moisturize well afterward. I find that one application while my is warm and one a little later works out well for me.

Oats also makes a very soothing soak. Half a cup of organic rolled oats into the tip of an old stocking, which I have cut at about the length of a sock. Knot the stock and dunk it into hot water when you are running your bath the water will become slightly murky. This is what you want, I find it to be really soothing and it helps relieve the itch.

Shampoo triggering my psoriasis

I never ever bath if I need to wash my hair. A shower is truly the only way that I can survive this. For some reason, shampoo is one of my greatest enemies when it comes to my skin. Even in the shower, I cringe when rinsing it out of my hair. It could be compared to hot lava running down my skin. So when it needs to be done, if my skin is at its worst then I will bend over the bath and not allow the shampoo to get near my skin. If we are in a medium flare then it is a quick wash and rinse in the shower. If you any of you know of a shampoo that does not do this, please comment below with your suggestions.

What soap works best for psoriasis?

I find that Dove soap is by far my best soap, it is easy on the skin and does not dry it out too much. Another firm favorite is castile soap infused with geranium oil. An extra moisturizing session when I use the castile soap, in spite of that it remains a firm top 5 favorite. Despite a small burning sensation when I wash with it, it goes away quickly and is replaced with a sense of relief. Once I have slathered my skin in a good moisturizer, there is a definite improvement. Aqueous cream is often used as a soap replacement and someone recently told me about hair conditioner working for them.

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