Summer Fling with My Skin

When spring arrives with its beautiful blossoms and warmer mornings, my spirits lift, for I know that warmer weather is on its way and winter is finally over. This is always a catch 22 for me, as my skin loves summer, but my heart adores winter. I love the crisp mornings and the feel of the cold air on my cheeks, however, this comes with a huge flare every year, with crippling pain and much emotional turmoil.

Healing rays

As the days get warmer, my skin is begging me to take it to the sun. See, my skin does not care what others think when I sit on the beach with my bright red spots basking in the African sun. It just wants to feel better. I have taken a page from my skin's book so to speak, I no longer care for the stares, I just want to feel better. So we have reached an agreement, my skin and I. I will take her to the sun (at the beach, because I am nice like that) and my skin, in turn, will absorb the African sun in its full glory and start healing for the summer ahead. Bringing me some relief along the way.

Baring it all

That first day baring my skin is always something, it feels like the first time, as over the winter I have become accustomed to no one being able to see the lesions. I go down to the beach with my daughter as there is nothing like having your child to be courageous with you, reminding you every single second to forget what people think and just live in the moment. As I sit down on the warm sand and I can almost hear my skin singing the praises of the glorious sunshine. To thank me they turn luminous red, now I am not sure if you have ever seen luminous red, but it is bright. I smile at the onlookers and even wave, just so they are sure to know that I saw them, I would not want them to think me rude. Soon enough I am absorbed in castle building and wave jumping, not a care in the world.

Within the first few weeks, I repeat this wonderful trip, much to my daughter's delight. I notice slowly how the spots become less luminous and start becoming level with skin again. My legs no longer look like a dirt road that you need a 4 x 4 for, but a clean newly tarred and smoothed surface. Then something happens. I forget.

Summer remission

I forget the pain of the winter, the endless applying of topical relief and searching for new ways to make myself feel better if even only for an hour. It becomes a distant memory, the way reality feels when you away on a summer holiday. Soon enough my joints relax and join us in this feeling. I am moving easier and climbing the stairs to my front door without a curse word crossing my lips. I realize in this moment that my summer remission has arrived. I sleep easier at night, often feeling guilty that I have forgotten how horrid the winter was and will be again. I switch my mind and absorb every moment of bliss.

Now make no mistake, I still look after my skin, I have cool showers and rub down with a good moisturizer. I eat well and every single day, I say thank you to my body and the sun for their love affair. The summer is short-lived, a few months of bliss remain for me to relax a little more, show a little more skin, move a little easier and laugh a little louder. When the weather is brighter and the sun is warmer, the days you move easier enjoy it. And worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

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