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Scalp Psoriasis And Bald Patches

I was chatting to a friend last week and we got on to the subject of scalp psoriasis. I’m currently experiencing a flare. We had a talk about the condition and how it affects us.

This was before shifting the subject to something that can be quite an embarrassing topic. Bald patches. Specifically, can you experience bald patches from scalp psoriasis?

Resisting the urge to scratch and pick...

Bald patches caused by scalp psoriasis can be difficult to deal with. In some cases, you can disguise it and perhaps it won't serve as such a nuisance. Of course, this all depends on how severe or widespread it is.

I’ve noticed, though, that there is not much discussion around scalp psoriasis and bald patches, and in particular, how to deal with it and the impact it has.

To prevent bald patches from occurring on my own scalp, I’ve tried to resist the urge to scratch or pick at the plaques on my scalp. Not only can you make the plaque bleed, but you risk the hair being pulled out. Therefore, if you refrain from doing that, and I know it’s difficult, you can also save your hair from having to re-grow.

Another benefit of coconut oil...

The other thing I do is apply oil, and in my case, coconut oil. Why? Because the plaques in my scalp tend to be quite thick, if I apply coconut oil, it makes them easier to lift and remove from my scalp with a fine comb.

If you apply it overnight and let it settle in, not only does your scalp feel moisturized in the morning, but the plaques can be removed a lot easier.

So, the combination of resisting scratching and applying oils really helps in managing scalp psoriasis and reducing the burden of bald patches.

The emotional impact...

Dealing with bald patches when they do occur can be difficult. You may face embarrassment from having strands of your hair not there and may resort to a hat or cap to disguise the area where the bald patch is occurring.

Just know that you’re not alone. Scalp psoriasis itself can be difficult to deal with but having hair removed in places can make this troublesome condition even worse. It can make you self-conscious and lead to anxiety and depression.

If you’re experiencing thoughts of worry or self-doubt, it’s important to chat with a friend, family member, or health professional. They will be able to comfort you and find ways of thinking about your condition differently. It may not work for everyone, but starting the conversation can alleviate some of the problems.

You will overcome this...

Remember that scalp psoriasis is only a temporary condition. It comes and goes in a cycle and it doesn’t last forever. That means your bald patches are only temporary. In most cases, the hair will re-grow and you can get back to feeling yourself again.

But I don’t want to take away from how awful both scalp psoriasis and bald patches can be. They rob you of self-esteem, cause anguish, and they can ruin your happiness. Just know, things will get better and you will overcome this.

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