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Is Summer Really The Best Season For Psoriasis?

Summer. I love the summer. It’s warmer, the sun is shining and the boost of vitamin D means I feel much better too.

There’s also a huge benefit when my psoriasis is flaring. During the winter or when it’s cold and raining, I have to wrap up with layers of clothing and everything from sweatshirts to coats. Pile on a scarf and wear a hat too.

Obviously this is necessary when it’s freezing, but I find these things irritating sometimes for my skin condition. If it’s particularly cold, a scarf may seem a good idea for the everyday person, but what about those whose patches are coming up in those areas? Some scarves can really irritate it, but what do you do when you’re cold and your neck needs a bit of warmth?

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It’s a similar story for hats. Yes, they help warm your ears and keep your scalp protected from the elements, but again, if you have psoriasis, what about scalp psoriasis and those lesions on your ears? The cold, then, can be quite a problem for those with psoriasis during the winter months.

Summer is the best season for my psoriasis

It’s for these reasons, and more, that I would say summer really is the best period for anyone experiencing a psoriasis flare. You get the extra vitamin D, you can wear clothes which don’t irritate, and the sunshine, if properly managed, can help clear the patches, thus making you feel better, more confident and sociable.

But, currently, it’s cold in the UK. We have been experiencing sub-zero temperatures, snow and an Arctic wind. It’s horrible. With rising energy costs, lots of us are choosing whether to heat or eat? For those in the latter camp, it can mean freezing in your own home or finding inventive ways to stay warm, such as with hot water bottles and large blankets.

So, it’s not surprising, then, that I would say summer is still the best time of year for those with psoriasis; at least here in Britain. Even autumn and spring are not as good. During autumn, you get a lot of rain and the temperatures, at least here in the UK, can fluctuate and it can seem cold and drizzly all the time. Spring, however, prepares for summer, but again, the mercury can go all over the place so it’s never as nice as summer.

The sun helps my itchy patches

I know if you live in parts of the world where the sun struggles or where warmer weather is not guaranteed, it can prove a nightmare with psoriasis. In that scenario, you might be better off going on holiday, if you can afford it, to at least get some of the benefits of summer that I take for granted. I mean, yes the UK isn’t always hot during the summer, but we do get better temperatures in that time and that pays off in dividends where my psoriasis is concerned.

A few minutes in the garden each time, or soaking up the sunshine in the local park or nearby beach can help soothe my itching and help to clear my patches. Seek advice from your medical team on how best to approach the sun, but if you’re like me, thinking, yes, I cannot wait for the cold weather to end, let’s rejoice in the fact that we’re getting closer to summer and I cannot wait.

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