Flares on Top of Flares with Psoriasis

Unless you are new to psoriasis you know about flares and how annoying they can be. This year seems to be my worst year yet for having flares. That is saying something since I have had psoriasis now for 20 years. The flares have been relentless this year because of all the stress I have been under.

To date, I am currently experiencing my 4th flare this year. It started less than a week ago and just seems to be driving on and on. Does it worry me? Yes, it does. I am getting ready to start on a treatment that I have been on before. That treatment was working for me but due to everything going on in my life, I was not taking it as I should. I missed taking it a lot of the time.

Stress is a huge trigger

If you have been following my articles, then you know I have been dealing with a broken knee. It was a result of an attack from a family member. It has been 7 months of dealing with that fact alone. That has brought stress on me that I wouldn’t wish on no one. Seeing as stress is one of my big flare triggers it has brought on all the flares this year. The mental toll from the incident started the first flare. All I did was think about what happened while I was laid up. Stressing about going from non-weight barring to using a walker started the second flare. I was so worried my leg and/or knee would not hold up.

This or That

Do you have a treatment that helps your psoriasis?

The next flare was one I played a part in. When my granddaughter was born, I worried that I would drop her if my knee buckled. It never did but the concern which brought on the stress was always there. I thought things were finally settling down until I got a phone call. The call was from a court official telling me that a trial date had been set concerning the incident. I had a two-day warning to prepare. I cannot begin to tell you what that did to my anxiety and stress. The day of court comes, and nothing got done. Her attorney did not show. Meanwhile I am sitting there anxious and stressing so ridiculously bad. Que flare number 4.

My current flare

This one is bad. So many areas of psoriasis that had been clear now has new plaque psoriasis patches. This court stuff is not resolved so I have yet another flare to look forward to in my future. I keep thinking to myself I wish they would find a cure for psoriasis. 20 years is enough of dealing with it. Since that doesn’t seem to be anytime soon, I wish they would find something that would make the flares go away. All I can do is treat the new areas with cream and hope the medicine does make a difference. Psoriasis is that thing that just keeps on giving. Flares are one of the many things it gives.

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