A woman with her arms stretched out looks over her shoulder at her back, which is effected by chronic fungal infection.

Chronic Fungal Infection & Psoriasis

For the past 13 years, I have been living with psoriasis and all its bells and whistles. By now, I have a really good idea of what is "normal" for my skin and what is not. Being aware and keeping a close eye on any skin changes has become second nature to me.

The start of psoriasis fungal infection

A few months ago, I noticed a brown spot on the inside of my arm, it was really sweet and shaped like a paw print. It was light brown, almost like the color of a tea stain. It was unusual. I had noticed a slight discoloration there before, but nothing quite to this extent. It was not itchy, did not scale and there was no pain in the area of it or surrounding it.

Alarm bells

While there were was no major cause for concern, I kept a close eye on it. It was really when the color started changing that I began to grow concerned. You see, the sweet light brown started getting darker and darker. I also noticed a few new spots popping up.

One night when my daughter was applying moisturizer to my back, she noted that I had the same marks on my back. I replied and said that is my psoriasis. She says to me, "No mommy, not that, ones like the paw prints on your arm." When I inquired as to how many, she said quite a few. That is when I knew it was time to call my doctor.

A new psoriasis diagnosis

Please enter, a chronic fungal infection. Seemingly this is not contagious, which is great news. There are days when my daughter plasters herself to me, so It would have been terrible if it were catchy.

We are not sure what is causing it. We will figure it out together, my doctor and I.  Although I am almost sure that sugar has a lot to do with it. He tells me that I may be more prone to candida infections due to my autoimmune issues. Not really what I was hoping for, another chronic addition. This certainly served as a great reminder to always reach out to your doctor when there are changes happening and you are unsure of what they are.


We have swiftly moved onto treatment for the next six months, the first seven days of the month 1 tablet a day, and then 1 a week for the remainder of the month. We will continue this for the next 6 months and see where it takes us.

2 weeks in and I can see the change on my skin. My brown marks have gotten lighter and some of the smaller ones have fallen away completely. I am grateful as it seems that the treatment plan is working. I will go back in a month for a check-up and then we can take it from there.

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