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Clothes Shopping With Psoriasis

When it comes to managing life with psoriasis, clothing shopping is right up there with going to a hairdresser. Neither of these activities is on my list of favorite things to do.

Tips for choosing clothes

I see so many people derive so much joy from both of these things. I think if things were different, it may have been a great hobby. Clothing shopping, while a massive privilege, is really a drag for me. Finding clothes that I like, that my skin approves of and those that are in my price range is a challenge beyond my patience most days.

Fabric, fabric, fabric

So what are some of the things I look for when it comes to choosing clothes? It's all in the thread. This is where it all starts and often where it ends too. I wander through the stores and feel the clothing. In an instant, I can tell if I will be able to wear it. I promise my hands are always clean and I touch them gently.

My fingertips are so well trained to feel out the wearable and the ones that will make me itch and make my skin go crazy. No matter how pretty something is or how much I love the colors if my fingertips say no, it is a no. There is simply no point thinking that I can manage with something on a "good skin day". I will end up not wearing it and what a waste that would be.

The decision to show some skin

Next on the list when choosing a clothing item is to identify which parts of my body may be showing. Does this dress or top highlight my psoriasis? Most days, I can be a person who accepts her skin and people can stare all they like. Some days, I just don’t feel like being brave.

Choosing some clothes that cover up the worst parts of my psoriasis can be beneficial. Admittedly, I will often choose something that may show certain parts of my psoriasis, but can also be covered up with a sweater, cardigan, or layered shirt rather easily too. It's a happy medium for those days when I am not so brave.

Choosing colors

There is no getting away from psoriasis flakes. Believe me, if there was a way to make it not flake, we would all be on board. Unfortunately, though no matter how well I have treated my skin, the flakes will drift off my skin. Now as my luck would have it, my favorite clothing color is black. So you can imagine how I am always battling to dust it off.

Lighter colors and even shirts with patterns of various colors are certainly easier to hide flaking skin. I find that when I wear dark tops, I will often pair them with a light scarf to help with this very thing. Especially if your scalp or face is flaring badly, it can certainly help disguise some of the flaking.

What approaches do you take when it comes to selecting clothing?

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