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The Best Fabric for Psoriasis: Cotton

Not all fabrics “feel” good on your skin. Some fabrics are hard and rough and don't feel as soft to touch. Living with psoriasis makes me extremely conscious of what fabrics I use. Rough and itchy fabrics like wool and polyester are uncomfortable and tend to irritate my skin even more. 

I've found that cotton is the best fabric for my psoriasis because it doesn't scratch my skin.

Why cotton is my favorite fabric for psoriasis

Cotton is my favorite fabric to wear whether I am wearing a blouse or my favorite pair of leggings. I even opt to sleep on cotton sheets. Compared to others, cotton is one of the best fabrics to use when living with psoriasis, but not just because it is soft. Here are some reasons why I choose to use cotton for my psoriasis:

Cotton is hypoallergenic

Clothing and sheets made of cotton are hypoallergenic meaning they are less likely to cause further irritation to your skin. Fabrics such as wool and polyester are made of rough materials. These materials can further irritate your plaques especially if you are already experiencing a breakout.

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Cotton is absorbent

Cotton is great for moisture control. After a workout, I am usually doused in sweat. Workout apparel that is made of spandex and polyester tends to cling to the body when your skin is wet. Not only is this uncomfortable but it can further aggravate your psoriasis.

Cotton workout clothing is a better alternative because it actually absorbs moisture. I make sure my workout clothing has high cotton content. This is so that my already sensitive skin doesn’t become more irritated after I start to sweat.

Cotton is breathable

Cotton is more breathable than oil-based synthetic fabrics. Wearing cotton also helps prevent moisture build-up on the skin from lotion and topical ointments. I apply heavy layers of cream, lotion and topical ointments to my skin before getting dressed, especially during the winter months.

I can remember getting ready for a Christmas party last year and completely ruining my dress because the moisture buildup from the cocoa butter I applied to my skin stained the dress. This is one experience that led me to realize how much fabric really matters when living with psoriasis. Additionally, during the summer months, loose cotton clothing will breath more and not trap as much heat.

Cotton is comfortable

Lastly, I use cotton for a more obvious reason, it is extremely soft. During a breakout, the last thing I want is to be even more uncomfortable in my clothes or at night while I sleep. Cotton sheets provide the ultimate level of comfort and they do not easily scratch my skin.

Cotton is the best fabric for psoriasis

Loose cotton clothing also allows me to move around comfortably throughout the day without rough fabric rubbing against my plaques. Fashion affects psoriasis and I often find myself checking the tags of every blouse, pants, and even sheets before I buy it to make sure its made of cotton.

Though this process takes a little extra time when shopping, but in the end, it proves to be well worth it.

Do you find cotton is the best fabric for your psoriasis? How about any other fabrics?

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