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Psoriasis Fashion Do and Don'ts

Let’s face it, having psoriasis can put a serious damper on your personal style. For men and women alike trying to find fashionable clothes that you are comfortable in can be a daunting task. I remember dreading going shopping for school clothes, summer clothes, prom, homecoming, and other special events. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade with dressing while having this disease. I’m not sure about you, but I had to overthink EVERYTHING when it came to dressing with this disease.

Psoriasis fashion tips

Even with being psoriasis advocate, the main thing I still struggle with is showing my disease to strangers who I don’t know, if you can relate this article is for you. Showing your spots and having to explain it to strangers can be a daunting task.

As always, I would like to say I am not encouraging you to cover up, but to wear what makes you feel the most comfortable. Check out these quick dos and don’ts tips if you have psoriasis!

Don’t wear a traditional tie

If you have psoriasis on your neck wearing a traditional tie can be irritating causing flares, redness, or itchiness. Instead of wearing a traditional tie which wraps around your neck, try a clip-on tie instead.

Do wear undergarments

If you have psoriasis, undergarments will be your best friend. Undergarments such as undershirts will help soak up any topical ointments you apply to your skin as opposed to them staining your clothes.

Don’t wear dark colors

If you have scalp psoriasis and you don’t want your flakes to appear on your clothing, it’s best not to wear dark colors. The white flakes from psoriasis are very noticeable on dark clothes.

Do wear light colors or prints

Since psoriasis flakes are white, wearing light colors will prevent flakes from being so noticeable. Prints will camouflage the fallen flakes.

Don’t wear Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex

Try to avoid the above materials if you have psoriasis. These fabrics stain very easily if you are using ointments. They also make it hard for the skin to “breath” causing the chance for more sweat, which for some can cause a psoriasis flare.

Do wear stockings with skirts

If you fear wearing a skirt due to your psoriasis, try pairing up a skirt with opaque flesh tone stockings. I used to layer mine to ensure no plaques would be seen. This method can be a bit uncomfortable but will cover up the plaques.

Do accessorize

Wearing accessories like scarfs, large necklaces, watches, long socks, crazy tights can help you be stylish while covering up areas that have flared.

Don’t stress

Fashion can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Buy pieces like jackets, scarfs, ties, skirts, and pants that you can alternate with different outfits. You can also check Pinterest for ideas. I also shop at Goodwill for trendy vintage clothing.

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