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A television shows a smiling white woman in a swim cap swimming with clear skin. Two silhouettes of people with a cracked texture pull the plug on the tv.

Directing a Psoriasis Commercial: The Treatment Journey

We have all seen those psoriasis commercials. Along with their standard language and repetitive phrases, they just cannot seem to depict psoriasis for what it truly is. A condition that cracks and bleeds into all areas of our life – it is much more than just visible plaques on the skin.

The bouncy music and beautiful actors also seem to promote the stigma that this condition simply impacts the skin and nothing else. No wonder our friends and loved ones have difficulty understanding the impact of this chronic condition. They believe we match the energy of those riding in convertibles and jumping into pools.

Ready? Set? Action!

We asked our psoriasis community what they thought of these commercials by asking, "If you could direct a psoriasis commercial, what would you make sure was included?" and boy, did they share some accurate responses. So much, in fact, that we have created a few articles focused on just this topic.

Here, we will be sharing some insight on the treatment journey and accuracy. Feel free to check our other articles focused on painful symptoms and representation of non-skin symptoms within media and commercials. That's right, we went there. That is right – we are going there.

No cure

"This is a real disease with no cure."

Simply state that there is no cure for psoriasis and that it is a lifelong condition. Share the strategy behind the treatment, and that while clearance is possible, a cure is not. The treatment strategy is to reduce your psoriasis to 1 percent of your body's surface area (a size equal to the front of your hand) or less within 3 months.

Remission takes awhile

"Battling constant pain and trying dozens of treatments until you find one that (mostly) works."

While promoting this 1 treatment, share the realities that this treatment might not work for everyone. Promoting false hope allows for unrealistic expectations, which are not helpful when embarking on a psoriasis treatment journey.

Show me real people!

"Real patients with diverse backgrounds, race, culture, and ages."

Psoriasis remains a common condition across ages, skin types, and races/ethnicities. Differences do exist and are important to recognize. Being more inclusive of the range of people psoriasis impacts allows for representation and validation.

Tell me how much, please!

"How much medication costs."

In many cases, insurance coverage is a determining factor in what psoriasis treatment people choose. Being upfront with costs and what people can expect might help lessen the blow and set the right kind of expectations.

You are in the director's seat!

Now we want to hear from you! We specifically created a forum to give you the opportunity to answer the big question: "If you could direct a psoriasis commercial, what would you make sure was included?"

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