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If you could direct a psoriasis commercial, what would you make sure was included?

Do you roll your eyes when you see a commercial for psoriasis treatment? Why does it seem so difficult to depict psoriasis correctly? It's so much more than driving in convertibles, jumping into pools, and laughing with friends.

  1. I think those that the commercials target dont need to be reminded or see what they already know. The commercials are geared to the resuts and good life by using their products. Advertisers know how to pull strings. Apparently it works or we wouldnt see so many commercials showing nothing but healed bodies. Other than some more testimonials, I would not change a thing.

    1. I do appreciate what your saying, was just my opinion on how the big pharma works and how they spend their money on advertising their overpriced meds. Im sure very frustrating to those it does not work for or worse those that cant afford them. Cheers....

    2. Gotcha. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, I agree with what you're saying - that the commercials are probably made that way for the same reasons as well. Wishing you a gentle day. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  2. Those commercials really don't represent what is going on. I hope they change the way they portray us to the media.

    1. Most people with psoriasis that I know totally agrees with your first sentence. I wonder have you seen the commercial that shows glass and armor on the arm on the people? Do you think that gets closer to the actual things we experience? Vickie W., Team Member

  3. I'd include everything that isn't included right now.

    1. I believe it should cover off the extreme pain, the ongoing angst, the never ending burning itch, the embarrassing unsightly skin plaque & the psychological trauma.
      Plus the current very limited knowledge of its root causes hence questionable remediation options.

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