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Cooler Weather Changes Skin Routines

Fall is arriving and soon the weather will be effecting my skin here! Today, I look out over my driveway and can see the neighborhood and the leaves are starting to change. In the Midwest between Chicago and Milwaukee that means cooler weather will be coming.

I know it's hard to believe. If you loose track of time like I do it probably seems like it's all happening so fast. Just seems like summer was here. Warm sunny skies and hot weather. Shorts and trips to the beach. Sunscreen. Ice Cream and finding shade.

Prepping for winter with psoriasis

Yet here we are!  Replacing those thoughts with cold, wet rainy weather. Psoriasis flares, doctors appointments and pumpkin spice everything! My skin will be reacting to the dryness of artificial heat to keep buildings warm. Clothing that may be rough. Cold winds and rain will be hitting my already delicate skin.

When you have psoriasis, redness and irritation are just part of daily life. Now, adding weather changes makes it even more pronounced. Normal skin routines are often interrupted for an even more complicated procedures. Most of my skin routine includes creams or lotions but, now that usually doubles.

Choosing the right products

Choosing cleaners for your skin and lotion usually requires guidance. When I make my appointment for the dermatologist for a check up I always bring a list of questions of things I need  help clarifying.

In todays world, there are so many choices to make about skincare. There are recommendations from product makers, commercials and family. Talk about overwhelming. I like to take the stress out of it and ask my doctor. My doc always discusses the options and then suggests what she believes will work the best for me.

When the wind and cold start cracking my skin the doctor may have to prescribe a new cream or ointment to help control the symptoms. Some of the medications have special instructions for use like days of treatment and periods of rest. Rest times are just as important as the times of use. Breaks from the medicines help to keep the skin from damaging the delicate areas and healing time. When your skin breaks, bleeds, or weeps you should always tell your doctor. When these areas are ignored infection can set in and make the damage even worse.

Winter is right around the corner

My skin routine also includes the clothes I cover my body with. I like to use soft, cozy, warm clothes.  Such as long sleeve shirts, seaters, and pajamas. My doc has even recommended certain types of cloth. She will tell me be sure that my skin can get air but is covered to extreme conditions. Weather temperature and conditions can really make skin care complex.

When ever I am in doubt I check it out! Ask your doc and check out your choices! Cotton, Rayon, Sherpa, Combed flannel are all soft materials. I like to use soft pajamas to help soothe and rest my body. New fabric blends are always being introduced.

Winter is around the corner. Start thinking about getting your skin ready ahead of time. Let me know what routines you use. 

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