Will a Detox Help My Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that shows up on the body anywhere. We don’t know why we get it or the causes of it. I want to share something with you that I have tried recently after having psoriasis for over 50 years of my life.

I had one of my doctors tell me that my psoriasis is some form of toxicity held in my body and I needed to pay attention to what was going on in the inside.

The benefits of doing a detox for psoriasis symptoms

After some research, I found that detoxing can be crucial for someone with psoriasis. It’s a way to clean our liver and kidneys. They become overloaded with everyday pollution. We are living in a day and a time when there are so many toxins in our everyday life.

Research also states that the primary cause of the disease is caused by toxemia that results in a cellular breakdown. We should regularly be detoxing our bodies to free up resources and help the body to function the way it should. Also, detoxing our bodies can help to prevent degenerative arthritis conditions such as psoriatic arthritis.

How to start a detox to improve psoriasis

Have you thought of healing your body? Detoxing will allow our bodies to heal and repair more quickly. Many people get saunas and baths confuse with detoxification. Our bodies produce chemicals and toxins with this disease. This affects our immune system and also what we eat.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to lose weight due to the many toxins stored in fat tissues, as we lose weight these toxins enter into the bloodstream and then the liver and kidneys making detoxing important.

As for me I know there have been times when the sunshine can help heal my psoriasis. Maybe even a little bit of sunbathing can help. You can take sea salt and Epsom salt baths to help with healing also.

How a detox removes toxins from the body

We are always on overload. Our bodies are working hard all day and all night even while we are asleep. It’s trying to remove those toxins from our bodies. Some research has shown many symptoms and even discontinuance of plaque psoriasis has left due to detoxification.

Many of the problems faced with psoriasis and toxins are fatigue, anxiety, fevers, vertigo, tinnitus, and muscle aches. We get more headaches, throat and ear infections. We know our intestines, large and small are affected by not detoxing our bodies. I know I drink a lot of water to clean and flush my kidneys and liver. I know it has helped me tremendously.

I don't think we drink enough water to flush all the toxins out. It is beneficial to learn the proper ways to detox. It would be marvelous to know that I could detox my body and see an enormous change in my psoriasis. We must try new things especially if they will benefit us.

I know we all strive to be a better you. I know for me, this is my desire. This has really enlightened me and made me think about all the toxins that are in our bodies. It is amazing because it's not so much the germs that are affecting us but the toxins from chemicals, foods, pollution.

The question is, how we get rid of toxins from our bodies? I know that I will continue my quest for a healthier me. Psoriasis has allowed me to be open to whatever will bring me a clearer skin, a psoriasis free life.

Finding a way to improve health & psoriasis

We breathe in toxins and no doubt there are many ways they enter our body. I want to exit them out. They rob us of so much when it comes to our health. Interestingly enough there is a psoriasis diet that allows you to remove toxins from your body.

I am on a diet now that is supposed to be good for psoriasis. I’m looking to detox into a healthier me.

We know there is no cure for psoriasis, but we can do things to make us feel better. Of course, these things don’t work for everyone, but you can try detoxing, getting some sunshine and just cleaning your skin.

It’s not going to hurt, but always consult your doctor before starting any new regimen. Let’s get healthy together.

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