Don't Mock Me

I remember as a child when I would see people who were crippled or looked differently than me, I would start pointing and laugh at them. I remember my grandmother would say; stop making fun of people, one day you could be like that. I was young and didn’t realize the hurt and damage it was causing other people.

I have friends who have severe psoriatic arthritis and I have seen people who often try to mimic them. It’s so heartbreaking to see anybody imitating a person with any disease. It’s rude and very insensitive, not only is it wrong to do, but you are not respecting the pain that a person is dealing with or what is going on in their lives.

I remember a few years ago seeing children making fun of someone. I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself; why are they ridiculing her? I didn't find this very funny at all. They were saying, look at how she walks, she is barely going to make it. This brought back so many memories of my granny teaching me my life lesson; don’t make poke fun or tease others. It’s not very nice.

Misery loves company

I want to make myself very clear that it's hurtful to see people make fun of people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis because this disease is so near and dear to me. When I am in a full flare of having swelling, joint pain, itchiness, flaking, stiffness and my feet and heels are tender to walk on; I really have to ask, what gives you the right to mock me? I know why you are judging me. One thing I have noticed after being on this earth for 59 years is that misery loves company, but those days are gone. I’m no longer that person. I know that it’s how I react to the situation that gives you the power over me. I know you are trying to gain happiness over my weakness.

I'm glad to inform everybody that I don’t just turn the other cheek on this type of behavior anymore. I began to proactively make up my own rules, you mimic or mock me; I make it my business to try and educate you. Yes, I know I don’t look like you, but I’m not contagious and I also have feelings just like you, so stop embarrassing me. This rule states basically is that you have no right to mimic, point or make fun of me. You don’t know me or what I am going though.

Showing kindness

Our life experiences are our greatest teachers. I’ve learned that it’s always wrong to mock others because they are different. When I see someone with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, I show kindness because I know what you are going though. I say kind words to people, it helps when they are down. I look at people with a smile and not with disgust.

As I continue to follow the simple things that I have learned in life I have become a better and stronger person.

Over the years I have been an active advocate for psoriasis, speaking up and out about this disease.

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