Dressing With Confidence and Style With Psoriasis

I am 65 1/2 years old now, 80% covered in psoriasis and I look good. Years ago I wouldn’t have shown an itch of my skin with flakes on it.

I was just invited to a gala recently. I dressed to impress and showed lots of skin. Everyone noticed this hot mama and not my skin. They didn’t see the psoriasis, but my confidence did show through boldly.

Psoriasis won't stop me from dressing up

Fighting and living with psoriasis doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and think that fashion is not for us. We can do more than just think about looking good. Living with this disease has taught me a lot. I have made my own discoveries on this journey and fashion is one of them.

I won’t let this condition stop me from dressing up. It can be difficult sometimes to find clothes which suit your condition, but I have learned to always make my own right.

Comfort should come first for us even before fashion. But when I mixed them both I discovered that I can still make a way through my fashion journey. I looked for soft cotton or bamboo clothes which are light and feel sort to my skin.

Finding clothes that allow my skin to breathe

Wearing light and loose-fitting clothing is important so that your skin can breathe and not cause flare-ups. You can add more layering depending on the weather. I like single-layering clothes which are loose and light for my skin.

I match tops with loose skirts and maxis are a go-to for lunches or dinner parties. Flowy dresses are good for your legs if you have psoriasis there. It also helps your skin to breathe with loose-fitting dresses.

I learned to wear clothes that help me feel confident and boost my self-esteem. When people stare, it doesn’t bother me. I went to the Bahamas recently. All the women looked like models and they were hot and showed lots of skin. Some looked like they just had on underwear. But guess what, I was hot too. My attire was light colors which to me made me look classic as well as elegant at the same time.

Accessorizing for my psoriasis

One thing I have added to my list of things is bold accessories. Not that we have to, but this diverts people's attention from my skin. I wear beautiful necklaces, pretty hats, and scarves that don’t irritate our skin but make me feel comfortable.

Don’t forget your innerwear. There's nothing worst than chafing. Wear seamless underwear for comfort. If you are going swimming, choose bathing suits that can provide more coverage, but also have cuts at the right place so your skin can breathe.

Without the right shoes, an outfit is incomplete. So what exactly can you match for your footwear to go with your outfit? I want something that doesn’t affect my comfort. We do not need the extra pain. I usually go for flats or loafers. But if those don’t go with the outfit, there are so many adorable sandals. They make you look like a million dollars. Get the kind with soft footing and comfortable heels.

Dressing for confidence

Doing fashion for the joy of it and to show off is not the meaning behind my outfit. I do fashion for confidence and my own self-esteem. My psoriatic condition is a condition that I will always have to live with. It has been 6 decades with this disease. My goal is to try not to let my fashion choices stop me from choices of things I wear.

So my friends, don’t let your psoriasis condition stop you from being your own fashionista. Just do you and find a comforting way to show the world that nothing can stop us now.

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