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Scratching Behind The Ears: A Psoriasis Quiz

You may know that psoriasis can show up in places like the elbows, knees, scalp, and back. But it can affect parts of the body you may not expect, like the ears. Since the skin of your ears is thinner and more delicate than in other places, managing psoriasis here takes extra care.

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Most of the time, ear psoriasis symptoms appear on the outside of the ear as well as in the crease behind it. But they can happen inside the ear canal, too. However, the condition doesn’t reach deeper to affect more delicate parts like the eardrum.

Let's test your knowledge of some of the myths and facts about psoriasis in and around the ear.

Treatment options for ear psoriasis

Topicals may be prescribed mild topical steroids as well as UV therapy. While UV isn’t going to get into your ear canal it will help with the external parts of the ear. If psoriasis in your inner ear is causing you so much aggravation that it’s hindering your life and the topicals haven’t worked or you have more widespread psoriasis your dermatologist may refer you for more systemic therapy.

The critical thing to take away here is that there are multiple options for treating psoriasis in this location if you remember to ask your dermatologist the right questions at your next appointment.

The impact of ear psoriasis

Living with psoriasis in and around the ear can affect everyday life and our own contributors truly understand. Chris shares how his ears seem to be the only body part that can't achieve clearance while Gemma provides her own experience with psoriasis in the ear canal.

While Clair has lived with psoriasis the majority of her life, she shares her experience about experiencing symptoms on her ears for the first time and finding tips for relief. Diane provides her own research into where ear psoriasis actually occurs and what can happen if you find yourself scratching!

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It is not known why some people with psoriasis develop ear plaques and others don't. And, unfortunately, there may not be anything you can do to prevent it.

If you develop psoriasis on or in the ear, the best thing to do is avoid fidgeting with the ear. See a doctor, and keep your ears clean and dry using only the mildest soaps and softest towels.

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