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Living With Ear Psoriasis

Throughout my journey with psoriasis, I have been spared having it take over my ears. This includes the skin inside and around the actual ear. This is a fact that I was always deeply grateful for and to a certain extent, I still am.

Experiencing psoriasis in the ear

In the last year or so my ear situation has changed. This winter passed was the first time that my ears were really impacted. I will gladly offer up another body part to this condition to make these ear symptoms go away. By far this is one of the worst places to have psoriasis. Besides it being unsightly it is very sensitive and hard to treat.

Psoriasis in the ear, it feels impossible to reach the itch. You could use a q-tip and I often do against my better judgment. I do find myself nervous that I will dig into my brain as I try to reach the end of this itch. To reach and scratch something in your itchy ear, well, I think the fulfillment of this is the closest thing to pure happiness and satisfaction in this world. 

Tips for managing psoriasis in the ear

As with all areas that get psoriasis there are tips and tricks to getting through the days and nights. There are things that make it better and more bearable and then there are things that make it worse. Here are some of mine that has helped and continue to do so.


These are a strong no-no for me. The actual bud of the earphone aggravates the inside of my ear and makes me itch more than is necessary. As if any of it is necessary at all.  I opt to use headphones instead, which go over the ear they are way more bearable. Adding to that, the sound is better too. I will tell you though that I cannot wear them for long as if my ears get too hot, yes you guessed it, they get itchy.


If you wear glasses, then keeping the top of your ear, where the arm of your specs rest moisturized is a top priority. From personal experience, I can tell you that when it cracks there. It is worse than your toe being cracked underneath. It is pain beyond measure and because your specs need to rest there, a respite from it is nowhere to be found.

Removing scales

This is pretty important and I usually do this before bed when I know my skin can rest a while. I remove the build-up very gently and layer some moisturizer on and let it rest. By the next morning, it usually feels a lot better and brings some relief to me.

Inside the ears

Handle the inner ear with great love and care. Do not stick all manner of things in there. No matter how tempting it may be, and how desperate you maybe be to relieve the itch. If you are treating your ears with cream on the inside, make sure that your doctor shows you how much to use and how to apply it correctly.

The impact of ear psoriasis

Ear psoriasis creates scales inside and around your ears. Using a q-tip to try and remove them can be dangerous and could damage the ear. If there is a severe build-up, a doctor would certainly need to take a look. Of course, there is pain. What is a new psoriasis patch without a little pain? The itch in the ear burns, gets hot, and stings.

Unhappy ears make for an unhappy human. Last but surely not least, psoriasis in the ear can ultimately affect your hearing. This is the last thing you would want. So keep a close eye on it and have your doctor check it regularly.

With that all being said, listen up and take care of your ears.

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