Regime To Settle The Itches

Does anyone else find the major regime of products and treatments endlessly tedious?

Do not get me wrong, I really want to feel better, but oh my goodness does it have to be such a mission? I will be honest, the last few weeks I have let things slide a bit. Having not been in the best headspace, therefore finding more excuses than motivation to do what I need to do. This is all-encompassing; I do the bare essentials and fall down with my daughter at bedtime. Just a few days of this and my skin goes crazy. Would you believe the first thing I say is that I don’t have time? I should be saying: I am not making the time. It is really just that simple. I am back to fighting the good fight and making all the time that needs to be made and looking after myself properly.

Here is my regime to share with you, I fit it all into half an hour. I am a single mom to a four-year-old, so in between there is a lot of “just give mommy a moment” being passed around, she is starting to understand and even helps me now.


Pre-shower, I shave and makes sure I have all my wonderful organic shower products so that I can enjoy my shower while smelling good and not having a terrible effect on my skin. I keep my water warm but not too hot, else I get the itches. I scrub nicely without being too rough; we all know how painful it can be after.

Fluff and moisturize

When I am done, I am careful not to be too rough with the towel. Although you want to be hard handed enough that it helps remove dead skin and any residue on the skin . Never in my life have I been so meticulous about drying myself off.  Then out comes the magic lotions. The state of my skin with dictates what I use. A towel goes down on the couch, and I slather cream on, nice and thick so that it has to soak in.


I take this time to chat to my daughter while my skin is absorbing the goodness of what the lotions have to offer we talk about the day, stars and all the wonderful things that are going on in our lives. At this time, not only is my skin absorbing the goodness, my heart is absorbing the love.

Back to reality

30 minutes later, I am in my pajamas feeling better and I can get back to reality of what needs to be done.  Whenever I skip this for a few days, I really do feel the effect of it. Quickly, I am reminded of why I do not skip this part. It is essential to my wellbeing, physical and mental.

What is your routine and how do you make it work for you on a daily basis?

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