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Psoriasis and the Eyes

I can clearly recall when I first noticed psoriasis on my eyelids and in my eyebrows. I was in a science class in high school and the tabletops were black. I remember scratching my eyes and then just watching the flakes flutter down and land on the black surface. It was a little bit hypnotizing and a whole lot embarrassing.

I had a hand lotion in my bag that I quickly applied to my eyelids. Science class is where I learned that you can’t just put any type of lotion on eye psoriasis and treatment has to be more delicate. That began a new challenge in my psoriasis journey.

Treatment is more sensitive

There are some topicals that can be used on your eyelids. Depending on the severity, the topical cream I was on at the time was unable to be used on my face. As with most topicals, the cream must be applied only to the affected area.

Typically with corticosteroid topicals that are for areas near the eye, they are applied under the supervision of a medical professional. If it gets into your eyes or too much is used, it can cause severe damage to your eyes, including glaucoma.

Other treatments for eye psoriasis include oral medications, phototherapy, or biologics. Those target all psoriasis on your body, but eye care is part of that treatment. Talking to your dermatologist will allow you to choose the best course of action to treat your eye psoriasis.

Eye psoriasis management tips

There are some things you can do at home that can ease the pain, dryness, and discomfort of eye psoriasis.


  • Though makeup can aid in covering up psoriasis around the eyes or on your face, try to avoid wearing it as much as possible
  • If you are wearing it, choose makeup products that are made from clean, natural ingredients
  • Gently remove any eye makeup with cold cream or a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes after washing and pat dry instead. Avoid any products that include fragrance when choosing makeup and/or cleansers.


  • Wash face with cold water, as the hot water can irritate the affected area
  • Be aware of rubbing eyes or touching your face, especially with dirty hands
  • After exercise, wash face (with cold water) immediately as sweat can irritate psoriasis spots

Over The Counter Topicals

  • Vaseline is very gentle on dry skin and locks in moisture. I found the thicker consistency to be easier when applying to the sensitive eye areas.
  • Coconut oil has anti inflammatory properties so it can help ease psoriasis symptoms
  • For any products on or around eyes, apply with a cotton swab. This allows you to control how much and where the product is being put on your skin.
  • Apply products various times throughout the day to keep skin moisturized

Other At Home Treatments

  • Sooth irritated skin with a cold compress
  • Sleep with a humidifier to add moisture into the air

Most importantly, before applying anything to your eyes, check with your doctor on what treatments are appropriate for your psoriasis.

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