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Psoriasis & Makeup Removal

When you live with psoriasis, finding makeup that doesn't aggravate your skin is a huge mission. Over the years, I have found one or two brands that work for me and my skin.

Avoiding a flare and finding lasting coverage was certainly a success. Then I was faced with a whole new challenge: make-up removal.

Makeup and facial psoriasis

Because of my psoriasis skin, I am unable to use commercial cleaners and toners. This has forced me to relook at my position on makeup. Oftentimes I wouldn't even wear it, as the idea of cleaning it is just too much. The burning and dry itchy skin afterward hardly seems worth the effort.

I am happy to share some tips and tricks that have worked for me when it comes to makeup removal.

Do not sleep with your makeup on

This is a big no-no for and from me. Now, I am not sure if it is just the sounds of my best friend’s mom’s voice that stop me from doing this or if I actually grew up and now know it’s a bad idea.

Psoriasis on my face goes bananas if I sleep with my makeup on. My skin gets angry, red, and swollen the next day. So if we’re going to wear makeup, it has to come off at night.

Makeup remover cloths

Have you heard of these? Reusable makeup remover cloths. They are these magical little clothes that are made from a soft type of fleece. I have not figured out what is so special about them. I think that there is magic woven in its threads, all it needs is warm water.

Just like those infomercials, "three wipes and it is all gone." These cloths do just that. I soak mine in lukewarm water, wring it out and wipe. Yes, simply wipe the makeup off my face. No soap, no cleanser, just water. This is by far my preferred method.

Coconut oil & cotton

Before I had my magic makeup remover cloths, my favorite way to remove makeup was with coconut oil and cotton balls. While I still use this from time to time, to be honest, my skin is not crazy about oil. I steer clear as often as possible now that I have an alternative. 

In general, though I would lightly dab some oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe the make away from your face. Don't drench the cotton too much and as you apply it, work towards the outside of your face. When you are done wipe any excess oil from your face, for those of you whose skin is tolerant of oil. This doubles up as a great moisturizer.

A mild or possibly even a baby soap would also help. This could save your skin from all the harsh chemicals. I never found it very effective in cleaning the makeup off. I certainly find that the only way to get around makeup removal without causing a flare is to use the above methods.

Do you have any makeup removal products or routines that you would recommend?

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